Stanley 63 Sweetheart USA Spokeshave Plane


Stanley 63 USA Sweetheart spokeshave plane with original SW Made in USA blade.  Convex / curved sole.  Nice user in good condition.

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Stanley 63 USA spokeshave plane with original Made in USA Sweetheart Stanley blade.  Convex / curved sole.  In good shape. Not that easy to find these as they weren’t as popular as the flat 64s and with and the SW blade makes it more sought after. You often find a 64 that someone has taken a file to, rather than buy a 63. Blade is sharpish and in good shape with a healthy 1/2″ below the cut-out. Threads of thumb screw in good shape. Nice user

Estimated probably less than 75% of the original finish remains.

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Dimensions32 × 12 × 8 cm

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