Stanley 78 fillister plane


Stanley 78 fillister plane. Made in England. Missing depth stop. Needs a little love, but otherwise a potentially good user.

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Stanley 78 fillister rebate plane. Appears completely original. Made in England. It comes complete with everything except the (depth stop).  The Stanley iron which is also Made in England, has plenty of life in it.  The plane has obviously been through some work, much of the paint is missing from the typical wear spots. It would benefit from fixing up.  However, it does have its fence and nicker. The iron has previously been sharpened skewed.  The iron is functional, in good shape and reasonably sharp, but in the perfect world we would have squared up the iron, made it razor sharp and found a depth stop.  We haven’t which is why this is being sold at a discount.


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Weight2.5 kg
Dimensions35 × 25 × 12 cm

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