Stanley Bailey No.4 Type 13 Made in USA


Stanley Bailey No.4 Type 13 Made in USA. Great era with matching Sweetheart iron and plenty of life left. Good original condition.

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Stanley Bailey No.4 Plane, highly sought after Type 13 (1925-1928) which is often considered a premium era of USA Stanley.  Stanley USA blade has the Sweetheart logo. Everything about this plane is in-keeping with the Type 13 era. Rosewood handles all appear to be in amazing condition (sharp corners). A couple of small nicks out of the rear handle at the front left hand side. A little pitting in the cheeks, but the sole looks great. No signs of breaks, repairs or even dings. We gave it a quick clean, but collectors will want to tidy this up properly. Japanning is really good, but suspect that it’s been painted underneath the front as it doesn’t match the rest of the plane. Suit Type 13 collector or discerning user.

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