Stanley Bailey No.5 Plane Type 13


For sale Stanley Bailey No.5 Type 13 plane. Made in USA. Original sweetheart iron also made in USA.  Original, good condition with oiled rosewood. Great user 

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Stanley Bailey No.5 Type 13 plane made in USA. With matching Stanley Sweetheart USA iron. One patent number APR-19-10 on the body. Rosewood woodware

All there and in good useable condition.  Not up to collector’s standards. Japanning is probably greater than 85%. Iron logo is very worn – could only just make out the Sweetheart, but Stanley and USA are clear. There is a bit of minor pitting here and there. Handles have been stripped and oiled. Many people prefer the feel of natural wood.

Otherwise, a high-quality user plane. The iron is sharp and has been hollow ground by the previous owner. Looks to have been well done. Still would benefit from honing. We haven’t had to touch this one. An awesome user – just put it to work.

This is the size bench plane most woodworkers would choose if they could only have one bench plane and Type 13 is often consider the pinnacle of Stanley’s.

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Dimensions 43 × 14 × 20 cm

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