Stanley No 10 Rebate Plane


Stanley No 10 Rebate (or Carriage Makers) plane.  Early example 1899 – 1902. Low knob. Made in USA.  Replacement iron. Vintage collector. 

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This Stanley No 10 Rebate (or Carriage Makers) plane is an early model.  This plane has a B foundry mark on the sole under the handle. It has a frog with a 1″ depth adjuster and one Patent No. on the lateral adjuster. It also has rosewood woodware including low front knob and barrel style brass nuts. It has no mention of Stanley on the sole or levercap. This leads us to believe it is of the 1899 – 1902 era of Stanley planes. As such it should have the Q Trademark iron which references “PAT. AP’L 19, 92”, but unfortunately it has been replaced by a more modern English iron. Not really in collector’s condition, but with a little love it could be. Japanning is probably less than 50% present at the rear of the plane while closer to 70% present in-front of the frog.

Beautiful rosewood and sound and all the features to be comfortable with the dating, this could be a collector’s piece.  Rarely found like this.

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