Stanley No. 40 “Everlasting” 3/4″ Bevel Edge Pocket Chisel


Stanley No. 40 “Everlasting” bevel edge pocket chisel.  3/4″ wide.  Amazing condition chisel might suit collector. Selling by Old Tool Shop via Ebay.

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Stanley No. 40 “Everlasting” bevel edge pocket chisel.  3/4″ wide. Sold between 1911 and 1935.  This one is marked with Made in USA, Patent 1493176 which was granted on the 5-6-24. These chisels were sold as 9″ long and this one isn’t any less than that.  These chisels were described as everlasting because of the tang which went all the way through the hickory handle. Great chisel and in amazing condition for being around 100 years old.  A nice collector or user’s piece of Stanley history.

Excellent condition. Some minor surface blemishes, but may well polish out. Appears to have the original grind on the top and sides. Not sure about the underside – it may be original or improved. Difficult to say. Handle looks mint.

Sold on Ebay by Old Tool Shop, from NSW Australia and shipped worldwide.  Click here for link: Listing for Stanley No. 40 Everlasting Bevel Edge Pocket Chisel

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