Unbranded Vintage Drawknife


Unbranded 8″ vintage drawknife. Some pitting on the underside of the blade. Handles in good order, sharp and ready to use

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Although this vintage drawknife appears unbranded, it certainly isn’t a user made model. It has all the hallmarking of a quality product, but unfortunately, we don’t know whose. This has an 8″ blade. Drawknives are pretty coarse tools and the edge on this has some damage from corrosion. If you want to use this for finer woodworking you may want to flatten the back and grind out the larger pits which would require a bit of work. You could add a small bevel to the underside, which would help, but may not suit all applications. The handles are without cracks. There is a small amount of play in the right handle allowing it to twist through a couple of degrees, but otherwise the handles are solid. If we could have found a maker’s name and the corrosion had been less, this tool would have been significantly more expensive. Sharp and ready to use.

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