Unnamed Gents Saw 5″ plate


Unnamed Gents Saw with 5″ (125mm) plate. Butterfly nut secured at one end. 15 tpi. Great for cutting smaller dovetails or veneers.

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This little Gents Saw has a 5″ (125mm) plate and is from an unnamed maker. We had a good look, but could find no name anywhere. It has a butterfly nut and a rivet headed bolt at one end and is rivetted at the other. Not sure why. The rivet headed bolt spins on the butterfly nut. We wonder if someone just replaced a broken rivet. The plate has a very slight curve to it which could be corrected. The teeth are all present and sharpish and with minimal set. 15 teeth per inch. Great for cutting smaller dovetails or veneers.

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Dimensions30 × 8 × 3 cm

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