Unused W Greenslade 3/4″ side bead moulding plane


Unused 3/4″ side bead moulding plane by W Greenslade.  The edges, markings and boxing are all as crisp.  Definitely a collector’s piece.

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Wow, we’ve never found a moulding plane like this unused 3/4″ side bead by W Greenslade.  This beech plane made in Bristol, England was made by Greenslade. It was made after they won exhibition medals in London, Dublin, Paris and Melbourne. The plane is marked with these accolades.  This dates the plane at somewhere between 1889 when the last of the four Exhibitions was on (Paris) and 1937 when the factory closed.

We’ve done nothing to this plane.  The edges, markings and boxing are all as crisp as the day they were made.  Unfortunately, the boxing is loose, but if it only lives on a shelf it’s not so loose it will fall out.

Definitely a collector’s piece.  Has some previous seller marks in pen and a sticker which may be an auction lot number on it which we haven’t attempted to remove, but suspect a gentle spirit would remove.

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