1 1/2″ Ward Framing Chisel


Ward 1 1/2″ framing chisel.  14 1/2″ long. Marked Ward Cast Steel with Ward and Payne hammers and anvil logo. Incredible condition. Collectable

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Huge and beautiful Ward & Payne 1 1/2″ (37mm) framing chisel. 

This chisel is beautiful and, in this condition, very rare. With what appears to be the original London pattern handle (probably boxwood) fully intact with no signs of any repairs. At 14 1/2″ long with a handle that’s 1 1/2″ across the flats this is a big chisel. We can’t believe the way the steel has held up. It’s barely blemished. All the previous owners have looked after this chisel, and there must have been plenty in its 100 years plus. Many of the Ward chisels are a bit heavy duty, a bit ‘agricultural’. Not this one. This is a fine craftsman’s chisel whose steel gleams and tapers to a fine 3/16″.

At some point in it’s not too distant past the underside of the chisel came into contact with a grinder. The depression caused is very shallow, but on such a perfect old tool it does stand out. It won’t affect use until you’ve worn the edge back by half an inch and then it could be polished out. Marked Ward Cast Steel then with the Ward and Payne hammers and anvil logo.

We haven’t touched then edge, but it appears to have been hand-sharpened and is in good shape. It will be ready to work after just a bit of honing.

Chisel weighs in at around 400g. Great user or collector chisel.

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