EA Berg socket chisel 1 1/2″ 38mm


EA Berg socket chisel 1 1/2″ 38mm. High gloss handle. Great condition. Blade sharp, but needs just a little work to be bench ready.

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Sturdy bevel edged socket chisel in large 1 1/2″ 38mm size. In great condition with EA Berg logo still in tact on handle and blade.  A previous owner has high gloss varnished the handle and reinforcement band.  Knick in wood in the wasted part of the handle.

Plenty of steel left with the blade measuring just over 8cm of full 38mm width chisel.  Full length of chisel is 10″ or just over 25cm. Edge needs a little work as one corner has been knocked off.  Very little pitting along the blade length apart from a small section near where the corner has been knocked off. Handle is sound in the socket. Looks like the gloss may have been applied to the handle whilst installed.

Marked on the reverse side Erik Anton Berg Eskilstuna Sweden.

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