JNiJ Nooitgedagt 1 1/2″ firmer chisel


JNiJ Nooitgedagt 1 1/2″ firmer chisel. Dutch made. Great steel. Poor handle will need replacing. Suit Nooitgedagt collector.

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Lovely JNiJ Nooitgedagt 1 1/2″ firmer chisel straight from the Dutch Collection. Dutch made. Great steel to rival the best. At this size these are some of the toughest chisels to sharpen, but we’ve done the hard work for you and got these sharp by hand – no risk of overheating the steel that way. Plenty of life left in the steel.

Handle is in poor condition, but such a beautiful piece of wood we could bear to part it from the tang. It’s held together with electric wire. If you plan to use it with a maller, it’ll need a new handle. If it stays in the shop long enough we’ll turn a replacement handle.

Suit capable turner to replace the handle or a Nooitgedagt collector.

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