Stanley Bedrock 604 1/2 Plane


Stanley Bedrock 604 1/2 smooth soled plane.  Mixed type from several eras. Rule and Level iron. No rosewood repairs evident. Probably only for users

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Nice Stanley Bedrock 604 1/2 smooth soled plane.  Made in USA. Bedrocks are uncommon in Australia, but the 604 1/2 (equivalent to a Stanley 4 1/2 size) is quite difficult to find. This plane may be made from several planes.  The body appears to be Type 7 with a single Patent date Apr 1910, but has a Type 5 levercap and a Stanley Rule and Level marked iron from 1909-1912 which would be from a Type 4.  Despite this mixed heritage the plane is complete, threads are all clean and it fits together nicely.

It does have a few problems:

  • Tiny chip out of one corner of the iron’s edge – could easily be ground out or lived with.
  • The levercap has a couple of chips out of the edge (see photos)
  • The handle’s horn is pretty dog-earred (see photos)
  • The front knob has a couple of cracks below the wasted section, but it doesn’t look like it’s about to fail. (see photos)
  • The levercap retaining screw slides a little in the keyhole, but it does grip.
  • Japanning around 35%

Iron has a healthy length. There is a bit of micropitting on the iron, but we believe this is likely to be polished out as the iron is used.  No evidence of rosewood repairs.  Almost bench ready – the blade needs a small amount of sharpening, but the edge is in good shape to make this an easy process.

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