Stanley bedrock 602 Type 6 plane


Stanley bedrock 602 Type 6 plane. Incredible all-round original condition. Made in USA. A serious collectors item.

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Stanley bedrock 602 with original Rule and Level (T-type trade mark) iron.  We believe this to be an early Type 6 (1912-1921).  Iron is good length 6 3/4″ or 171mm.  They were only 7″ new so it’s see 1/4″ of wear. Made in USA. Has 2 patent dates on the plane body. Plane is in great all-round original condition.  Sole is in great condition also with almost no pitting.  Japanning is as close to pristine as you’ll find on an unboxed plane that’s over 100 years old.  The screw threads are in healthy condition and all move freely. We’ve barely even cleaned this one.

No damage or defects could be identified except a minor spill of something such as shellac or hide glue over the japanning towards the rear of the body and a couple of spots (one on the knob and one on the handle). No cracks. No signs of repair. There is a dark line through the bottom section of the handle which we thought might have been a repair, but it appears to be ordinary rosewood variance. The dark line isn’t actually straight, is consistent with the grain and pores of the surrounding wood.

This Bedrock would be a great addition to any collection.  Bedrocks are pretty rare, but in this size, type and condition it’s a serious collector’s item.

Sold on Ebay by Old Tool Shop, from NSW, Australia and shipped worldwide.  Listing can be found here: Stanley Bedrock 602 Type 6 plane

Please note that some countries add import duties and have restrictions regarding importing Brazilian Rosewood. It is the buyer’s responsibility to understand their local importation rules and costs.

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