Stanley Bedrock 604 plane


Stanley bedrock 604 Type 6a plane. Scoring to the sole and missing lateral adjuster disk. Otherwise in great condition and almost bench ready.

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Stanley Bedrock 604 smooth soled plane which appears to be a Type 6a with original and good length Stanley SW Made in USA iron.  Very solid rosewood furniture.  The handle in particular is in excellent condition with minimal damage to the horn (so often broken).  As this has the Stanley Bedrock lever cap we presume this was an example where Stanley used up old stock levercaps (Type 5) on newer types of planes.  No damage to the plane except the following:

  • heavy score marks to the underside of the sole
  • one heavy score in the right cheek
  • left cheek etched with the name BOYS TECH PATT SHOP A51.  We assume this plane came from a pattern making class.  Ha, if only they still ran these, we’d be putting our names down for it.
  • lateral adjuster disk missing – as such it has no lateral adjustment.  Buyer needs to repair this, replace the frog or learn how to adjust with a hammer.  We suspect this broke early in its life, allowing it to survive the punishing environment of a school relatively unscathed.

The screw threads are in healthy condition and all move freely.

Japanning is also in really good condition and maybe 90% under the little bit of muck we’ve left behind.

This Bedrock would be a great user for anyone once repaired.  Apart from the repair and honing the iron this plane is bench ready


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